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Bottle Bidet

large:500ml . . . small:250ml

Bottle Bidet, complete

(bottle bidet, glamorous tote,
and a handful of mini-cloths)

large:500ml . . . small:250ml

For health...
for happiness...

and not just your own,
if you catch our meaning.

save water

save energy

save time

save the planet

save your lovah from
having to say something...

oh, snap.

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Well, we could go on and on about health and hygiene, but the "bottom" line reads this way: It is incredibly delightful for everyone involved for you to be sparkling clean in the down-under.

After all, there are only so many showers a person can take in the course of a day. For many reasons... the conservation of time, water and energy, as well as the adverse affect on all the parts that do not need to be showered as often. Not to be indelicate, but one does not necessarily even have access to a shower at the moment one desires -- dare we say "requires"? -- a freshening up.

(I'd get more graphic and include possible scenarios, but this is a family inter-web.)

Oh, yes, you heard that right. Being delicious at all moments of the day is ultra-green, and will save the planet even as it saves you money. Ha! Take that, church-lady. You might even find that you take fewer showers, even as you are cleaner and more delightful at all times. Plus, you will be healthier in the details, which is just good sense but may also save time and money.

A great gift for brides and by extension, grooms, and men in general. (Seriously, guys, freshen up beforehand and/or afterward, please.) New mothers and women in general. (Seriously, ladies...) Perfect for anyone who might possibly have a reason to be altogether clean at any moment of the morning, noon or night. You know who you are.

Bottle Bidets come in two sizes, small and large: 250ml and 500ml. Each has its charms.

The small bottle, 8 oz, is more convenient for travel, and is certainly more darling.

The large version, about 16 oz., is really nice. Luxurious.

It is a matter of taste. Many people get one of each, or one for each bathroom in their house. Now that is luxury. Yum.

{Let's be super clear: Bottle Bidets are soft plastic, laboratory-grade bottles which you fill with sparkling clean water of whatever temperature suits your mood. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Whatever you want, as long as it is clear, clean water. Just water. It is for rinse washing the outside of yourself, and not for anything else.

The bottle should never touch your body, let alone go inside of you. No no no. There are products designed for those sorts of pursuits, very different from the Bottle Bidet.

Just water. And only for the outside. Are we straight on this?}

Oh, sure, there are other, much less portable "bidet" options. Everything from an installed, porcelain bidet, to mechanisms that attach to your current commode.

But they are, to our mind, expensive, complicated and not glamorous at all.

Even so, if you have committed to any kind of bidet, you will especially want a "bottle bidet", for all the times you are not in your own bathroom.

In any case, once you use a Bottle Bidet, you will see that not having one is not an option at all.

Buy your Bottle Bidet today, and be delicious.

Bottle Bidet, bottle only
large:500ml . . . small:250ml

Bottle Bidet, complete ensemble
(bottle bidet, glamorous tote,
and a handful of mini-cloths)
large:500ml . . . small:250ml

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